"Average percent increase in population growth."

“Average percent increase in population.”


"Population growth."
“Population growth.”
"Population growth diagram."

“Population growth diagram.”


"Population growth rate."

“Population growth rate.”


The purpose for my post is to discuss the issue of population growth. Population growth is population’s change during the time. The most times, it affects human population in a demographic way. This is a huge phenomenon that has many causes and effects on environment and also, society. So, all of us have to concern about this problem and start doing something to solve it.

The increased human population usually leads to overpopulation. This is a serious problem because while the human population rises several problems exist. This issue has many causes. First of all, one of this is the fact that there is decline in death rate. As health conditions improve the deaths decrease. So, more humans are born while there is rise in the birth rate. Moreover, one more cause of overpopulation is the migration. People use to migrate from their place to another place due to the need for a better quality of life. So, there is increase in the population in some places and also, decrease in the population in some other places. Finally, one more cause is the lack of education. People who are illiterate can’t understand that overpopulation has terrible effects on humans and the society.

This phenomenon also, has important effects on humans and the society. The most serious of them is the effect on country’s economy. When a country is overpopulated it can’t produce enough products for the whole population. So, some people have enough goods for their survival and some others not. Some are rich and some others poor. As a result of overpopulation, is the high unemployment rate. This happens because there aren’t enough jobs for the whole population. Finally, this leads to a high rate of crime because people need to find enough money for their survival.

My opinion about the issue of overpopulation is that, nowadays there is a serious problem of human population increase. Year by year more people are born and less people die and so, this leads to overpopulation. After it the country’s economy gets worse and the unemployment rate rises. Also, crime rate rises too and human living conditions become worse. So, all of us have to find a solution to this serious problem in order this to eliminate.

Cornucopians are futurists that have their own theory about the phenomenon of overpopulation. They believe that the human population can continue to increase because there is enough matter and energy on Earth about their survival. As a result of this, according to them overpopulation isn’t a problem for people and the society. Also, their theory states that as human population increases then, labor increases too.

Cassandras are people groups that have the name of Cassandra as a metaphor. It means some ones who state some valid concerns but, other people disbelieve them. Their beliefs have application in environmental issues. And so, there is an application in the issue of overpopulation. They state valid concern about the increase of human population and its effects on humans and the society but, humans can’t believe and trust them. Cassandras can’t convince them about their beliefs. They believe that year by year human population continues to increase and so, it will have terrible effects on people and the society.

Paul Ehrlich was a German physicist and scientist. Also, he worked in the fields of hematology, immunology and chemotherapy. He invented the precursor technique to “Gram staining” bacteria and also, he made other inventions and had his own laboratory and methods in his working fields. He invented an equation called the I PAT model.  I = PAT: is the lettering of a formula describing the impact of human activity on the environment. This is his equation: I = P × A × T. This means that human impact (I) on the environment equals the product of P= population, A= affluence, T= technology. This describes how the increase of human population, affluence, and technology contribute to the environment.

The phenomenon of overpopulation is related to the state of the current human population. This number is three times the sustainable level. This number of 7 billion people on world is 2-3 times higher the sustainable level. According to some scientists planet can sustain only about the 2 billion people and so, people’s total number on world is much more than it. Also, as we consume much more than the sustainable level so much more the sustainable level eliminates.

According to the video that we watched, Hans Rosling is a Swedish medical doctor, academic, statistician and public speaker. Also, he is professor of International Health at Karolinska Institute. Rosling’s research has related to links between economic development, agriculture, poverty and health too. Moreover, he is Cassandra because; he can visualize the increase of human population and give explanations about it. He can also, relate the globalization, poverty, connectivity and population growth. He is optimistic about this issue.


According to the graph, we can see that during the years the most countries didn’t have changes in their relation between the two variables. They had a stable situation with a very small improvement. Only United States, China and Japan had a very big improvement which is obvious in the graph. Also, Greece had a stable situation too with a very small progress. Many events like historical, political and economic contributed to this stable situation. Historical events were mostly wars between these nations and migration, political ones were changes of the political systems of these countries and economic ones were mostly poverty and economic crisis. These countries couldn’t have progress and improvement during the years under these terrible events.

To conclude, the issue of this post is the huge problem of the phenomenon called overpopulation. This has many causes due to human action and some terrible effects on humans and the society. But, this problem has a solution as all problems do. And so all of us have to try to find it in order to solve this problem. This solution will help the environment which suffer of this issue and people too. Also, above there are the relations of Paul Ehrlich and Hans Rosling to the issue of overpopulation. And, a report to the terms “Cornucopians and “Cassandras”.

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